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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《《天外来客》》 No.A01140
Title:《The Monk》 No.A00115
Title:《大海的宝石》 No.A01099
Title:《戈壁日出》 No.A00983
Title:《吞噬》 No.A00939
Title:《Hamer Woman》 No.A00801
Title:《缭绕》 No.A00187
Title:《祈祷》 No.A01091
Title:《Summer day》 No.A00276
Title:《晨浣》 No.A00756
Title:《一家三口去旅行》 No.A00822
Title:《4G时代》 No.A00610
Title:《雾起西湖轻舟曳》 No.A00700
Title:《遇见》 No.A00923
Title:《PAST TRADITION》 No.A00986
Title:《卫士》 No.A00689
Title:《平山苍鹭育雏忙》 No.A00797
Title:《Loneliness 》 No.A00555

Monochrome Section

Title:《Burren 4》 No.B00427
Title:《《Living (谋生)》》 No.B00843
Title:《Powder Dancing II》 No.B00089
Title:《Starfall》 No.B00656
Title:《村头一角》 No.B00572
Title:《老来乐》 No.B00175
Title:《eagerly》 No.B00364
Title:《孟加拉小姑娘》 No.B00852
Title:《AEROBICA》 No.B00258
Title:《古堡中的问候》 No.B00894
Title:《母亲的怀抱》 No.B00703
Title:《Medics @ work 》 No.B00205
Title:《霸气》 No.B00745
Title:《《梦幻家园》》 No.B00644
Title:《风铃》 No.B00769
Title:《Salt Field》 No.B00490
Title:《保护伞》 No.B00692
Title:《救赎》 No.B00970

Family of man

Title:《ON THE MOVE》 NO.C00018
Title:《Schiumaparty》 NO.C00143
Title:《老外合影》 NO.C00105
Title:《其乐融融》 NO.C00264
Title:《藏民人家》 NO.C00157
Title:《Ritual of taking blood 2》 NO.C00033
Title:《抢财神》 NO.C00166
Title:《every wrinkle tells a story》 NO.C00125
Title:《GRAZING》 NO.C00117
Title:《Whispering notes of love》 NO.C00058
Title:《甘露颂》 NO.C00150
Title:《《笑谈人生》》 NO.C00100
Title:《洋娃娃-Doll》 NO.C00209
Title:《东北雪乡婚礼》 NO.C00165
Title:《执子之手》 NO.C00066
Title:《ON THE MOVE-1》 NO.C00019
Title:《中韩鏖战》 NO.C00183
Title:《我家在大山-my home in the great》 NO.C00225

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