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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《》 No.A00606
Title:《共筑中国梦》 No.A01083
Title:《Tease arctic terns》 No.A01119
Title:《printed》 No.A00199
Title:《daily of pottery》 No.A00128
Title:《牦牛叼羊》 No.A00723
Title:《Balancerend》 No.A00257
Title:《畲乡炼火》 No.A00810
Title:《Shopkeeper》 No.A00077
Title:《丰收的喜悦》 No.A00842
Title:《My Lovely Duck》 No.A00161
Title:《光线》 No.A00261
Title:《距离》 No.A00517
Title:《Evelina》 No.A00015
Title:《余光,余生》 No.A00322
Title:《Sisters》 No.A00530
Title:《家住坡上》 No.A00472
Title:《with the axt》 No.A00367

Monochrome Section

Title:《JAMES》 No.B00625
Title:《Love》 No.B00032
Title:《Leisure Time》 No.B00484
Title:《《海韵》》 No.B00229
Title:《知音》 No.B00586
Title:《Dreaming Light, pt II》 No.B00014
Title:《 渴望 Yearn》 No.B00669
Title:《幸福晚年》 No.B00962
Title:《晒网》 No.B00732
Title:《Longing for》 No.B00354
Title:《马拉松赛后》 No.B00951
Title:《Accompany》 No.B00508
Title:《Medics @ work 》 No.B00205
Title:《Dance your way》 No.B00104
Title:《野渡无人》 No.B00893
Title:《Hold》 No.B00308
Title:《虬枝》 No.B00580
Title:《Film Noir, pt II》 No.B00012

Family of man

Title:《Sicilians》 NO.C00146
Title:《Ritual of taking blood 2》 NO.C00033
Title:《山区的儿童》 NO.C00242
Title:《添丁之喜 The joy of childbirth》 NO.C00181
Title:《水上人家》 NO.C00208
Title:《REPAIRMAN》 NO.C00223
Title:《听爷爷讲故事》 NO.C00097
Title:《Moinul Alam》 NO.C00277
Title:《卸》 NO.C00214
Title:《祈祷 pray》 NO.C00201
Title:《集市》 NO.C00274
Title:《Survival》 NO.C00032
Title:《甘露颂》 NO.C00150
Title:《On the run.》 NO.C00044
Title:《锣鼓声声》 NO.C00197
Title:《老树新苗-Old tree and young saplings》 NO.C00205
Title:《家园- homes》 NO.C00229
Title:《合照》 NO.C00080

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