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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《无相形 The Cross 》 No.A00845
Title:《web》 No.A00251
Title:《爷孙俩-granddad and grandson》 No.A00203
Title:《雨后即景》 No.A01118
Title:《Dendelon And Poppies 735》 No.A00159
Title:《叠罗汉 Human Pyramid》 No.A00853
Title:《《生命》《Life》》 No.A00780
Title:《Stories In Teahouse》 No.A00537
Title:《入城式Into the city》 No.A00879
Title:《Stormy Weather No 2》 No.A00445
Title:《《疯狂的搭车人》》 No.A00707
Title:《Friends from China》 No.A00740
Title:《Crowd》 No.A00407
Title:《Line Drawing》 No.A00265
Title:《Love In Fuzhou》 No.A00598
Title:《Edirne Kopru》 No.A00461
Title:《The last sunrays》 No.A00224
Title:《争先恐后》 No.A01036

Monochrome Section

Title:《妈妈的宝贝 who is mom's baby》 No.B00622
Title:《欢乐母女》 No.B00738
Title:《历史的声音》 No.B00836
Title:《Downstairs》 No.B00041
Title:《等候》 No.B00686
Title:《Butoh Style》 No.B00408
Title:《Ban Xua 3》 No.B00196
Title:《逆行》 No.B00389
Title:《甜蜜事业》 No.B00557
Title:《闹春田》 No.B00783
Title:《钢铁丛林》 No.B00561
Title:《Smile》 No.B00301
Title:《Lost freedom》 No.B00188
Title:《一针一线总关情 》 No.B00097
Title:《WORLD NEWS》 No.B00018
Title:《劳动归来》 No.B00945
Title:《ALONE No 3》 No.B00897
Title:《古韵》 No.B00907

Family of man

Title:《执子之手》 NO.C00066
Title:《深夜派送》 NO.C00178
Title:《我家在大山-my home in the great》 NO.C00225
Title:《歌舞升平》 NO.C00260
Title:《梦田斗牛》 NO.C00126
Title:《Family Of Man》 NO.C00020
Title:《Ritual of taking blood 2》 NO.C00033
Title:《跨越》 NO.C00193
Title:《祖孙情》 NO.C00244
Title:《归》 NO.C00252
Title:《合作精神》 NO.C00079
Title:《成长的路》 NO.C00099
Title:《Resting》 NO.C00077
Title:《化妆》 NO.C00265
Title:《family of man》 NO.C00023
Title:《看化妆》 NO.C00243
Title:《老鹰捉小鸡》 NO.C00038
Title:《《古村同乐》》 NO.C00182

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