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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《Home》 No.A00377
Title:《Wash》 No.A00335
Title:《视频通话》 No.A00839
Title:《铸》 No.A00788
Title:《神奇的目诊》 No.A01069
Title:《Elise. 》 No.A00715
Title:《蓝调梦境blue dreams》 No.A00874
Title:《Lover》 No.A00596
Title:《乡村古事》 No.A00859
Title:《一起跑》 No.A00503
Title:《Melasti Ceremony 9》 No.A00079
Title:《梦里水乡》 No.A00698
Title:《Crocodile Feeding》 No.A00453
Title:《Sister and Brother》 No.A00408
Title:《《后台》》 No.A00976
Title:《《焊花视界》》 No.A00952
Title:《苍崖崆珑 Mountain beyond imagination》 No.A00808
Title:《MOTHER'S LOVE》 No.A00449

Monochrome Section

Title:《TROLLEY》 No.B00256
Title:《Misfortune》 No.B00681
Title:《大漠扬鞭》 No.B00909
Title:《祈愿》 No.B00170
Title:《Nea with flowers 2》 No.B00246
Title:《人家-Household》 No.B00300
Title:《自由驰骋-Freedom》 No.B00297
Title:《Dance your way》 No.B00104
Title:《高原夯墙忙》 No.B00727
Title:《生,活。》 No.B00269
Title:《乡村鹅倌 The man who feeds the goose》 No.B00708
Title:《SOLITARY》 No.B00335
Title:《劳动者之歌Song of labourers》 No.B00154
Title:《化妆》 No.B00953
Title:《疑虑-Worried》 No.B00320
Title:《Burren 4》 No.B00427
Title:《《吊装的准备》》 No.B00821
Title:《Feeding》 No.B00347

Family of man

Title:《《和谐》》 NO.C00238
Title:《《爱的力量》》 NO.C00028
Title:《祈祷 pray》 NO.C00201
Title:《客家火龍》 NO.C00118
Title:《小能手》 NO.C00135
Title:《合作精神》 NO.C00079
Title:《添丁之喜 The joy of childbirth》 NO.C00181
Title:《《古村同乐》》 NO.C00182
Title:《《巧遇》》 NO.C00115
Title:《欢乐一家》 NO.C00239
Title:《小孩》 NO.C00081
Title:《看戏》 NO.C00106
Title:《藏家儿童》 NO.C00176
Title:《我的家》 NO.C00153
Title:《Connect》 NO.C00233
Title:《net》 NO.C00119
Title:《成长的桥梁》 NO.C00092
Title:《《窗口里的表情》》 NO.C00132

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