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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《争斗》 No.A00868
Title:《在路上》 No.A00542
Title:《走高跷 》 No.A00522
Title:《UNDER THE BRIDGE》 No.A00393
Title:《Accompany》 No.A00338
Title:《梦幻城堡》 No.A00532
Title:《Apostols from Kyrgyzstan》 No.A00738
Title:《疯狂的列车》 No.A00491
Title:《鱼塘夜宿》 No.A00241
Title:《出城》 No.A00997
Title:《夕阳下》 No.A00865
Title:《叠罗汉 Human Pyramid》 No.A00853
Title:《世界之窗》 No.A00786
Title:《Dancer C5》 No.A00318
Title:《Symphony of colours》 No.A00059
Title:《面具》 No.A00549
Title:《鱼市》 No.A00903
Title:《GODS TREE》 No.A01028

Monochrome Section

Title:《Daan》 No.B00607
Title:《Free Hugs》 No.B00043
Title:《出海的叮咛 - before sailing off》 No.B00850
Title:《《乌干达的孩子们》》 No.B00834
Title:《风雪如盘》 No.B00777
Title:《Fog Bridge》 No.B00254
Title:《荷塘写意》 No.B00470
Title:《Traditional job No3》 No.B00232
Title:《START》 No.B00259
Title:《飞渡》 No.B00792
Title:《晒网》 No.B00732
Title:《Smile》 No.B00331
Title:《schwebend sw》 No.B00285
Title:《火车軼事》 No.B00158
Title:《漁村莊》 No.B00435
Title:《赶牲口的尼泊尔青年《二》》 No.B00971
Title:《Hungry》 No.B00361
Title:《Smile》 No.B00351

Family of man

Title:《甘露颂》 NO.C00150
Title:《等生意》 NO.C00255
Title:《糍粑香畲家》 NO.C00042
Title:《ON THE MOVE-1》 NO.C00019
Title:《FATHERS LOVE》 NO.C00220
Title:《《人在旅途》》 NO.C00112
Title:《彝族人家Yi Family》 NO.C00159
Title:《功夫不再年少》 NO.C00068
Title:《THE WASHER》 NO.C00222
Title:《水上人家》 NO.C00208
Title:《旗袍秀- Cheongsam Show》 NO.C00187
Title:《假日》 NO.C00059
Title:《卖年货一家子》 NO.C00254
Title:《迎亲逗酒》 NO.C00065
Title:《Resting》 NO.C00077
Title:《晨练》 NO.C00172
Title:《修行》 NO.C00199
Title:《youth》 NO.C00121

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