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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《Fish Basket》 No.A00302
Title:《Kiss Goodbye》 No.A00576
Title:《记忆中的老武汉》 No.A00189
Title:《童年无忌》 No.A00211
Title:《鱼市》 No.A00903
Title:《牧归》 No.A00622
Title:《Motherlove》 No.A00577
Title:《绿色生命》 No.A00623
Title:《劳动舞台》 No.A01129
Title:《Long Marriage》 No.A00404
Title:《》 No.A00616
Title:《老伙计》 No.A00443
Title:《Multiple Eyes》 No.A00300
Title:《唠嗑》 No.A00791
Title:《送货》 No.A00262
Title:《Wild Rose》 No.A00137
Title:《Lav me》 No.A00343
Title:《古宅》 No.A00814

Monochrome Section

Title:《畲乡铁匠辅》 No.B00168
Title:《》 No.B00081
Title:《渔翁》 No.B00465
Title:《Read》 No.B00513
Title:《Weaving》 No.B00349
Title:《救赎》 No.B00970
Title:《In the rays》 No.B00523
Title:《《炯炯有神》》 No.B00818
Title:《trumpeter》 No.B00288
Title:《工场 workshop》 No.B00702
Title:《小部队》 No.B00592
Title:《Lonely》 No.B00504
Title:《Helping Hand》 No.B00151
Title:《angel's smile 天使的微笑》 No.B00593
Title:《HAPPINESS OF OLD AGE No 2 》 No.B00901
Title:《雀上枝头》 No.B00577
Title:《重担-Heavy burden》 No.B00881
Title:《《海韵》》 No.B00229

Family of man

Title:《ON THE MOVE》 NO.C00018
Title:《村口-the entrance to a village》 NO.C00230
Title:《看戏》 NO.C00106
Title:《《渔民的孩子》》 NO.C00131
Title:《一家子》 NO.C00246
Title:《古祠喜事》 NO.C00167
Title:《风采》 NO.C00136
Title:《人在画中游》 NO.C00158
Title:《老宅与老人》 NO.C00226
Title:《笑容》 NO.C00082
Title:《THE WASHER》 NO.C00222
Title:《迎亲逗酒》 NO.C00065
Title:《?iganc?》 NO.C00030
Title:《吃》 NO.C00267
Title:《campesina woman》 NO.C00124
Title:《客家火龍》 NO.C00118
Title:《翩翩起舞》 NO.C00108
Title:《人性的光辉》 NO.C00111

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