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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《Tarian tumbuk tanah》 No.A00120
Title:《Yellow Water Billabong Sunrise》 No.A00455
Title:《Blue Car in Motion》 No.A00448
Title:《Spining Childhood》 No.A00337
Title:《线面韵律》 No.A00219
Title:《soapbel》 No.A00197
Title:《The last disaster》 No.A00013
Title:《《龙泉剑魂》》 No.A00269
Title:《出山》 No.A00945
Title:《Mother Love》 No.A00594
Title:《In mask》 No.A00553
Title:《Armageddon》 No.A00460
Title:《Desert 06》 No.A00677
Title:《雅丹冰韵》 No.A01063
Title:《Buddha Light》 No.A00528
Title:《农村花灯节》 No.A00705
Title:《欲》 No.A01115
Title:《飞越丹霞》 No.A01016

Monochrome Section

Title:《Life and Death》 No.B00030
Title:《向往》 No.B00438
Title:《Hooded》 No.B00884
Title:《Baykus》 No.B00398
Title:《Mid-air Delight》 No.B00150
Title:《Gone But Not Forgotten》 No.B00385
Title:《越过水面》 No.B00742
Title:《城市之思》 No.B00339
Title:《乐-Happy》 No.B00318
Title:《tubes》 No.B00159
Title:《Old Tea House》 No.B00316
Title:《塬地》 No.B00612
Title:《The Black Exorcist 》 No.B00066
Title:《原上精灵》 No.B00241
Title:《仙居人家》 No.B00722
Title:《水乡人家》 No.B00904
Title:《Free Hugs》 No.B00043
Title:《Angriff》 No.B00280

Family of man

Title:《人在画中游》 NO.C00158
Title:《锣鼓声声》 NO.C00197
Title:《laqdy Margarita》 NO.C00127
Title:《马背上的一家人》 NO.C00063
Title:《NAPOLI》 NO.C00198
Title:《洋娃娃-Doll》 NO.C00209
Title:《盼》 NO.C00087
Title:《悄悄话-Whisper》 NO.C00204
Title:《跨越》 NO.C00193
Title:《客家火龍》 NO.C00118
Title:《功夫不再年少》 NO.C00068
Title:《campesina woman》 NO.C00124
Title:《欣赏 enjoy》 NO.C00169
Title:《高排芦笙队》 NO.C00054
Title:《家园- homes》 NO.C00229
Title:《里东大救援》 NO.C00275
Title:《四代同影- Four generations》 NO.C00186
Title:《古城老人》 NO.C00194

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