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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《Edges Of Time》 No.A00037
Title:《Fun in weary crowd》 No.A00029
Title:《古韵》 No.A00790
Title:《Sphimx》 No.A00254
Title:《中国版图最西南佤族村民第一张全家福》 No.A00869
Title:《Romantic Landscape》 No.A00050
Title:《Fashion City》 No.A00329
Title:《《母亲的祈祷》》 No.A00711
Title:《Killing Field》 No.A00162
Title:《距离》 No.A00517
Title:《Competition》 No.A00429
Title:《制陶老人》 No.A00444
Title:《Le Finestre sul Pipe Lines》 No.A00280
Title:《4-Jan Jansen Hong Kong play》 No.A00004
Title:《祈福》 No.A00758
Title:《晨跑者》 No.A00648
Title:《color》 No.A00083
Title:《Pass》 No.A00589

Monochrome Section

Title:《Ban Xua 3》 No.B00196
Title:《祈愿》 No.B00170
Title:《Rapids in Norway》 No.B00247
Title:《snow》 No.B00050
Title:《相送》 No.B00208
Title:《Freedom》 No.B00309
Title:《look art 20》 No.B00197
Title:《Forward》 No.B00303
Title:《Kajsa white hat》 No.B00555
Title:《《漫步桥中行》》 No.B00652
Title:《山色空濛》 No.B00390
Title:《Shyness》 No.B00480
Title:《地层深处》 No.B00886
Title:《保护伞》 No.B00692
Title:《Hometown Dream》 No.B00457
Title:《鸟巢》 No.B00598
Title:《岁月》 No.B00748
Title:《Observe》 No.B00120

Family of man

Title:《晨练》 NO.C00172
Title:《?iganc?》 NO.C00030
Title:《小孩》 NO.C00081
Title:《家园- homes》 NO.C00229
Title:《祁戏脸谱Qi Play Facebook》 NO.C00162
Title:《徽州人家》 NO.C00224
Title:《翩翩起舞》 NO.C00108
Title:《老树新苗-Old tree and young saplings》 NO.C00205
Title:《幸福花海》 NO.C00206
Title:《青春万岁》 NO.C00249
Title:《民族与时尚》 NO.C00149
Title:《各负其责》 NO.C00266
Title:《Miserable life》 NO.C00085
Title:《糍粑香畲家》 NO.C00042
Title:《mister Manuel》 NO.C00123
Title:《GOING HOME 》 NO.C00116
Title:《人寿年丰》 NO.C00235
Title:《小镇粮店》 NO.C00257

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