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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《春耕色块》 No.A00628
Title:《Candle Lighter》 No.A00539
Title:《歌者》 No.A00690
Title:《惊涛骇浪》 No.A01124
Title:《In mask》 No.A00553
Title:《大部队》 No.A00854
Title:《青花女》 No.A01116
Title:《Floe Collapse》 No.A01103
Title:《《当兵的人》》 No.A00954
Title:《《雪原晨色》》 No.A00653
Title:《城市之间》 No.A00692
Title:《Home》 No.A00377
Title:《黄昏的游牧人家》 No.A00470
Title:《绿色生命》 No.A00623
Title:《Ancient Rejang》 No.A00147
Title:《涉水》 No.A00295
Title:《舞》 No.A00498
Title:《Hoa dang dem Ram》 No.A00236

Monochrome Section

Title:《Hooded》 No.B00884
Title:《《乌干达的孩子们》》 No.B00834
Title:《湖边放牧》 No.B00863
Title:《Pray》 No.B00315
Title:《山里人》 No.B00791
Title:《Kecak Dancing, The Ramayana Monkey Chant》 No.B00167
Title:《称猪》 No.B00262
Title:《启航》 No.B00751
Title:《ANGRY LOOK》 No.B00337
Title:《风雪如盘》 No.B00777
Title:《茶楼新传》 No.B00832
Title:《万马奔腾》 No.B00759
Title:《Horses On Run》 No.B00511
Title:《《草地精灵》》 No.B00666
Title:《飞渡》 No.B00792
Title:《残荷天书》 No.B00924
Title:《Gypsy family from Pushkar》 No.B00650
Title:《Les petits pas》 No.B00078

Family of man

Title:《老树新苗-Old tree and young saplings》 NO.C00205
Title:《凝视幸福》 NO.C00035
Title:《成长的桥梁》 NO.C00092
Title:《小骑士》 NO.C00062
Title:《Mother and daughter》 NO.C00142
Title:《葫芦丝声声唤真情》 NO.C00067
Title:《一家子》 NO.C00246
Title:《藏家儿童》 NO.C00176
Title:《集市》 NO.C00274
Title:《古祠喜事》 NO.C00167
Title:《幸福花海》 NO.C00206
Title:《龙脊》 NO.C00070
Title:《糍粑香畲家》 NO.C00042
Title:《合照》 NO.C00080
Title:《老有所乐》 NO.C00156
Title:《快乐》 NO.C00270
Title:《Man from Karo tribe》 NO.C00034
Title:《No places》 NO.C00144

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