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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《乘风破浪》 No.A00435
Title:《吞噬》 No.A00939
Title:《大海的宝石》 No.A01099
Title:《丰收的喜悦》 No.A00842
Title:《无相形 The Cross 》 No.A00845
Title:《又到新年》 No.A00608
Title:《Net World》 No.A00590
Title:《烧纸马》 No.A00625
Title:《A Large Migration of Wildebeest 2》 No.A00191
Title:《Traeumerin》 No.A00494
Title:《haarig》 No.A00342
Title:《Dance》 No.A00406
Title:《《纯真》》 No.A00942
Title:《Carefree Childhood》 No.A00531
Title:《K歌》 No.A00693
Title:《面具》 No.A00549
Title:《Read》 No.A00434
Title:《Phalaenopsis Orchid 4926》 No.A00157

Monochrome Section

Title:《Forward》 No.B00366
Title:《知音》 No.B00586
Title:《眼神Eyes》 No.B00754
Title:《母亲的怀抱》 No.B00703
Title:《In the corner》 No.B00203
Title:《Horses》 No.B00507
Title:《恬静》 No.B00548
Title:《原上精灵》 No.B00241
Title:《策马扬鞭-Urge Horses with A Whip》 No.B00801
Title:《Fisher Household》 No.B00489
Title:《精雕细琢》 No.B00411
Title:《Preparation》 No.B00107
Title:《Miss》 No.B00451
Title:《Mid-air Delight》 No.B00150
Title:《SOLITARY》 No.B00335
Title:《《炯炯有神》》 No.B00818
Title:《Longing for》 No.B00354
Title:《Portrait of Filip》 No.B00022

Family of man

Title:《四代同影- Four generations》 NO.C00186
Title:《世界和平》 NO.C00037
Title:《侗乡情》 NO.C00056
Title:《《大专家来到小学校》》 NO.C00151
Title:《工地倩影》 NO.C00231
Title:《讲故事给妈妈听Tell the story to Mom》 NO.C00227
Title:《《大山深处的娱乐》》 NO.C00189
Title:《路漫漫》 NO.C00247
Title:《戏迷一家》 NO.C00040
Title:《竞赛》 NO.C00210
Title:《弹热瓦普的孩子》 NO.C00138
Title:《各负其责》 NO.C00266
Title:《net》 NO.C00119
Title:《吃》 NO.C00267
Title:《看化妆》 NO.C00243
Title:《铸剑》 NO.C00232
Title:《精彩瞬间》 NO.C00093
Title:《东北雪乡婚礼》 NO.C00165

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