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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《回娘家-Return to her home》 No.A00541
Title:《Accompany》 No.A00525
Title:《Pursuit》 No.A00121
Title:《丰盛-Feast》 No.A00365
Title:《Full》 No.A00599
Title:《齐心协力》 No.A00468
Title:《天路》 No.A00471
Title:《彼岸》 No.A00511
Title:《踏春》 No.A01031
Title:《足球少年-Soccer Teen》 No.A00378
Title:《电影超市》 No.A01055
Title:《平野菜花春》 No.A00620
Title:《远望》 No.A00202
Title:《Shepherd C2》 No.A00316
Title:《Loneliness 》 No.A00555
Title:《Smoking light》 No.A00232
Title:《In the fog》 No.A00782
Title:《和谐》 No.A01000

Monochrome Section

Title:《Angriff》 No.B00280
Title:《《韵侓》2016年7月拍摄于》 No.B00829
Title:《Painting Lessons》 No.B00166
Title:《START》 No.B00259
Title:《Soot spiders cobweb_02》 No.B00680
Title:《》 No.B00530
Title:《brown bear 1》 No.B00040
Title:《Kumar》 No.B00395
Title:《彝族老汉》 No.B00600
Title:《欢乐母女》 No.B00738
Title:《陇头音信》 No.B00859
Title:《Selling》 No.B00341
Title:《《夜光下的旧城》the past of xi'an city》 No.B00673
Title:《Leisure》 No.B00355
Title:《Gutter paa bryggekanten》 No.B00060
Title:《Bridge》 No.B00139
Title:《《摩梭人》》 No.B00977
Title:《《吊装的准备》》 No.B00821

Family of man

Title:《爱的今宵》 NO.C00134
Title:《祖孙情》 NO.C00244
Title:《《和谐》》 NO.C00238
Title:《Simply》 NO.C00145
Title:《相濡以沫-Mutual help》 NO.C00185
Title:《四代同影- Four generations》 NO.C00186
Title:《龙脊》 NO.C00070
Title:《泥塑艺人》 NO.C00216
Title:《理发》 NO.C00041
Title:《火龙闹春》 NO.C00164
Title:《小食店》 NO.C00215
Title:《乐园》 NO.C00190
Title:《》 NO.C00026
Title:《《达卡的劳动力市场》》 NO.C00130
Title:《乡村大舞台》 NO.C00191
Title:《瞧他爷俩》 NO.C00250
Title:《One mont a family member of a Hamar tribe in Etjhiopia》 NO.C00047
Title:《父母情》 NO.C00263

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