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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《幸福生活》 No.A00609
Title:《女人》 No.A00704
Title:《Summer day》 No.A00276
Title:《Happy childhood》 No.A00109
Title:《畲家婚趣》 No.A00762
Title:《Competition》 No.A00429
Title:《Sajira 03》 No.A00368
Title:《源头-Original》 No.A00348
Title:《《步行街》》 No.A00967
Title:《DOWN MEMORY LANE》 No.A01108
Title:《云雾中的小山村》 No.A00831
Title:《雾中穿行》 No.A00263
Title:《Impressions fog》 No.A00626
Title:《线面韵律》 No.A00219
Title:《Between Two Shots》 No.A00552
Title:《》 No.A00606
Title:《一生的岗位》 No.A00726
Title:《出城》 No.A00997

Monochrome Section

Title:《Galway 11》 No.B00426
Title:《Fisherman》 No.B00363
Title:《Busy Farm》 No.B00506
Title:《抢羊》 No.B00869
Title:《《部落之舞》》 No.B00825
Title:《母子》 No.B00911
Title:《Lonely》 No.B00504
Title:《岩石教堂信徒》 No.B00450
Title:《酒窖》 No.B00221
Title:《窥视》 No.B00782
Title:《On Fair》 No.B00313
Title:《仙居人家》 No.B00722
Title:《Going to the sea in the rain》 No.B00233
Title:《耸入云霄》 No.B00463
Title:《啼鸟声声远》 No.B00923
Title:《Hurry》 No.B00510
Title:《City Shadow》 No.B00519
Title:《Schlor》 No.B00134

Family of man

Title:《family of man》 NO.C00023
Title:《看戏》 NO.C00106
Title:《小天使》 NO.C00272
Title:《精彩瞬间》 NO.C00093
Title:《?iganc?》 NO.C00030
Title:《Moinul Alam》 NO.C00277
Title:《祖孙》 NO.C00245
Title:《family of man》 NO.C00025
Title:《爱的今宵》 NO.C00134
Title:《People Over Lake》 NO.C00064
Title:《回家了 back home》 NO.C00180
Title:《旗袍秀- Cheongsam Show》 NO.C00187
Title:《路漫漫》 NO.C00247
Title:《笑逐颜开》 NO.C00258
Title:《祈祷 pray》 NO.C00201
Title:《卸》 NO.C00214
Title:《水豆干家庭作坊》 NO.C00170

Exhibition Review