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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《ALONE SINGER》 No.A00675
Title:《独占鳌头组照》 No.A01044
Title:《闭眼》 No.A00521
Title:《winter time in plitvice lakes》 No.A00174
Title:《Mother Love》 No.A00594
Title:《Friends》 No.A00009
Title:《Enthusiasm》 No.A00567
Title:《Teo Tak Go Gok and Friends》 No.A00168
Title:《云雾中的小山村》 No.A00831
Title:《火龙闹元宵》 No.A00833
Title:《Learning Their Culture》 No.A00454
Title:《《群虎戏凤》》 No.A00829
Title:《《水上流动超市》》 No.A00920
Title:《雨中香客》 No.A00916
Title:《Melasti Ceremony 9》 No.A00079
Title:《礼仪》 No.A00222
Title:《青花女》 No.A01116
Title:《melasti ceremony》 No.A00097

Monochrome Section

Title:《MY FACE》 No.B00019
Title:《Emptiness》 No.B00143
Title:《Breakout M1》 No.B00267
Title:《The Manikin》 No.B00249
Title:《Kajsa white hat》 No.B00555
Title:《彝族老汉》 No.B00600
Title:《Smile》 No.B00301
Title:《Beauty without Soul》 No.B00244
Title:《魅惑光影》 No.B00936
Title:《Home》 No.B00371
Title:《姐妹》 No.B00464
Title:《JAMES》 No.B00625
Title:《爱的剪影》 No.B00322
Title:《Feeds By Mom》 No.B00086
Title:《Tofu Maker》 No.B00119
Title:《Begegnung 2sw》 No.B00279
Title:《Horses》 No.B00507
Title:《梦里水乡》 No.B00768

Family of man

Title:《村口-the entrance to a village》 NO.C00230
Title:《老鹰捉小鸡》 NO.C00038
Title:《卸》 NO.C00214
Title:《龙脊》 NO.C00070
Title:《老宅与老人》 NO.C00226
Title:《family of man》 NO.C00023
Title:《On the run.》 NO.C00044
Title:《幸福一家人》 NO.C00200
Title:《Selling Eggs》 NO.C00012
Title:《盛情难却》 NO.C00098
Title:《执子之手》 NO.C00066
Title:《笑逐颜开》 NO.C00258
Title:《亲亲 honey》 NO.C00175
Title:《迎亲逗酒》 NO.C00065
Title:《里东大救援》 NO.C00275
Title:《梦田斗牛》 NO.C00126
Title:《As the two trees》 NO.C00051
Title:《乐园》 NO.C00190

Exhibition Review