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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《Harmonica Clown》 No.A00070
Title:《Starry Sky》 No.A00475
Title:《Two brothers 13》 No.A00437
Title:《对峙》 No.A00889
Title:《割草归来》 No.A00849
Title:《Floe Collapse》 No.A01103
Title:《梦幻白桦林》 No.A01077
Title:《畅游丫山》 No.A00769
Title:《《木府新视角》》 No.A01134
Title:《信仰(组照1--4)》 No.A01033
Title:《Windows life》 No.A00761
Title:《Hardworking》 No.A00361
Title:《保卫战果》 No.A00899
Title:《古宅》 No.A00814
Title:《傣族江边庆》 No.A01125
Title:《Potji》 No.A00138
Title:《《装卸工》》 No.A00635
Title:《相拥相抱》 No.A00907

Monochrome Section

Title:《Bongeline 7117》 No.B00554
Title:《儿童乐园-Children’s Playground》 No.B00182
Title:《Old Town Times》 No.B00491
Title:《 牧羊魂 Shepherd soul》 No.B00667
Title:《东方迪斯科》 No.B00631
Title:《Passion》 No.B00031
Title:《Misfortune》 No.B00681
Title:《OLdness in waves》 No.B00475
Title:《SMOKER》 No.B00383
Title:《虔诚》 No.B00403
Title:《力量》 No.B00914
Title:《我不认识你》 No.B00955
Title:《奔腾》 No.B00775
Title:《skater》 No.B00161
Title:《Soot spiders cobweb_02》 No.B00680
Title:《苦行僧》 No.B00789
Title:《收网之后》 No.B00940
Title:《喜上柳梢》 No.B00587

Family of man

Title:《family of man》 NO.C00025
Title:《Man from Karo tribe》 NO.C00034
Title:《盛情难却》 NO.C00098
Title:《幸福时光》 NO.C00139
Title:《《笑谈人生》》 NO.C00100
Title:《小天使》 NO.C00272
Title:《laqdy Margarita》 NO.C00127
Title:《欣赏 enjoy》 NO.C00169
Title:《祁戏脸谱Qi Play Facebook》 NO.C00162
Title:《Simply》 NO.C00145
Title:《net》 NO.C00119
Title:《火龙闹春》 NO.C00164
Title:《GOING HOME 》 NO.C00116
Title:《上妆》 NO.C00196
Title:《徽州人家》 NO.C00224
Title:《《老茶馆》》 NO.C00074
Title:《Family Of Man》 NO.C00020
Title:《《和谐》》 NO.C00238

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