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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《Morning Fog_FUJII Akio》 No.A00644
Title:《Enthusiasm》 No.A00567
Title:《《沸腾的雪原》》 No.A00636
Title:《Sphimx》 No.A00254
Title:《回娘家-Return to her home》 No.A00541
Title:《百姓舞台》 No.A00467
Title:《brewing》 No.A00354
Title:《Nina》 No.A00042
Title:《赶羊》 No.A01043
Title:《中国符号》 No.A00221
Title:《《The Fast and the Furious (速度与激情)》》 No.A00966
Title:《戈壁日出》 No.A00983
Title:《Ritual Budaya Bali》 No.A00170
Title:《Blue Water》 No.A00303
Title:《巡视》 No.A00870
Title:《儿童乐园》 No.A00730
Title:《彩画》 No.A01059
Title:《缭绕》 No.A00187

Monochrome Section

Title:《Balinese Bebean Kites》 No.B00113
Title:《Activity in Station Palmerah》 No.B00093
Title:《亲吻 Sweet kiss between mother and baby》 No.B00675
Title:《过往young love and old love》 No.B00627
Title:《向往》 No.B00438
Title:《天井故事 The story of the patio》 No.B00441
Title:《建筑工人》 No.B00659
Title:《Helping Hand》 No.B00151
Title:《飞跃》 No.B00563
Title:《恬静的小孩》 No.B00932
Title:《Flavio Shirt Off》 No.B00035
Title:《越过水面》 No.B00742
Title:《妈妈的宝贝 who is mom's baby》 No.B00622
Title:《Horses》 No.B00507
Title:《鼓娃》 No.B00016
Title:《起飞》 No.B00691
Title:《奋力向前》 No.B00220
Title:《留守家庭》 No.B00903

Family of man

Title:《藏南村头》 NO.C00256
Title:《乐翻天》 NO.C00236
Title:《Shepherd》 NO.C00120
Title:《On the run.》 NO.C00044
Title:《《老茶馆》》 NO.C00074
Title:《化妆》 NO.C00265
Title:《Family Of Man》 NO.C00020
Title:《No places》 NO.C00144
Title:《高山上的苗族人》 NO.C00173
Title:《好奇》 NO.C00140
Title:《笑逐颜开》 NO.C00258
Title:《理发》 NO.C00041
Title:《《人在旅途》》 NO.C00112
Title:《抢财神》 NO.C00166
Title:《《大专家来到小学校》》 NO.C00152
Title:《《跟着老人学“地戏”》》 NO.C00188
Title:《洪水中的村庄》 NO.C00195
Title:《Tunnel of Love》 NO.C00013

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