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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《安静的少年》 No.A01032
Title:《日子》 No.A00323
Title:《亚丁风景区》 No.A01130
Title:《夕阳下》 No.A00904
Title:《火龙闹春》 No.A00841
Title:《Lover》 No.A00596
Title:《Sheikh Zayed Mosque》 No.A00319
Title:《AWAITING》 No.A00392
Title:《Shaman Of Mentawai》 No.A00169
Title:《爱的色彩》 No.A01065
Title:《《花花世界》》 No.A00271
Title:《Lynda》 No.A00014
Title:《火红的烈焰》 No.A00706
Title:《...a flower symbol of life...》 No.A00248
Title:《Sisters》 No.A00530
Title:《Spinning》 No.A00129
Title:《前金村三百六十行》 No.A00457
Title:《迎龙灯》 No.A00474

Monochrome Section

Title:《祈愿》 No.B00170
Title:《禾木秋雪》 No.B00614
Title:《《岁月》》 No.B00679
Title:《虔诚》 No.B00403
Title:《小部队》 No.B00592
Title:《Horses》 No.B00507
Title:《历史的声音》 No.B00836
Title:《Going to the sea in the rain》 No.B00233
Title:《TRIBAL BOY》 No.B00334
Title:《祭敖包》 No.B00915
Title:《老街塘》 No.B00752
Title:《I can break mountains》 No.B00189
Title:《Leisure》 No.B00355
Title:《岁月如烟》 No.B00833
Title:《Performer1_Kiyofumi OKUMOTO》 No.B00560
Title:《Home》 No.B00371
Title:《Betawi Dance》 No.B00069
Title:《Hometown Dream》 No.B00457

Family of man

Title:《乡村大戏Country Drama》 NO.C00161
Title:《工地倩影》 NO.C00231
Title:《family of man》 NO.C00024
Title:《No places》 NO.C00144
Title:《演出之前》 NO.C00213
Title:《风采》 NO.C00136
Title:《family of man》 NO.C00023
Title:《正月十五的龙潭夜》 NO.C00036
Title:《every wrinkle tells a story》 NO.C00125
Title:《《笑谈人生》》 NO.C00100
Title:《嬉戏》 NO.C00179
Title:《笑逐颜开》 NO.C00258
Title:《麻风病康复村的火把节》 NO.C00259
Title:《Moinul Alam》 NO.C00277
Title:《《渔民的孩子》》 NO.C00131
Title:《?iganc?》 NO.C00030
Title:《Shepherd》 NO.C00120

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