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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《The last disaster》 No.A00013
Title:《So Curious》 No.A00767
Title:《金蝉脱壳》 No.A01061
Title:《Square Night》 No.A00266
Title:《daily of pottery》 No.A00128
Title:《Melasti ritualism》 No.A00127
Title:《转经的老人》 No.A00683
Title:《《外面的世界很无奈》》 No.A00272
Title:《UNDER THE BRIDGE》 No.A00393
Title:《大地诗行》 No.A00681
Title:《Waiting Customers》 No.A00114
Title:《晨跑者》 No.A00648
Title:《闲》 No.A00064
Title:《藏传佛教》 No.A00520
Title:《Gotong Royong》 No.A00171
Title:《晨浣》 No.A00756
Title:《Orange》 No.A00772
Title:《Pearl》 No.A00556

Monochrome Section

Title:《藏阿爸》 No.B00872
Title:《Best Friends》 No.B00036
Title:《《梦幻家园》》 No.B00644
Title:《对话》 No.B00693
Title:《大眼睛》 No.B00870
Title:《相送》 No.B00208
Title:《Feeding》 No.B00347
Title:《往事如烟Past events have faded like a puff of smoke》 No.B00874
Title:《中国工农红军-悄悄话》 No.B00858
Title:《monk in the snow》 No.B00492
Title:《风雨少年 》 No.B00261
Title:《日子》 No.B00654
Title:《My life》 No.B00257
Title:《Old Worker》 No.B00289
Title:《策马扬鞭-Urge Horses with A Whip》 No.B00801
Title:《Wonder》 No.B00307
Title:《Kunstradfahren 8》 No.B00425
Title:《凉山集市》 No.B00711

Family of man

Title:《我们十岁啦》 NO.C00177
Title:《五月龙潮》 NO.C00212
Title:《《跟着老人学“地戏”》》 NO.C00188
Title:《麻风病康复村的火把节》 NO.C00259
Title:《上妆》 NO.C00196
Title:《老宅与老人》 NO.C00226
Title:《family of man》 NO.C00025
Title:《Jan Jansen Brother and sister》 NO.C00010
Title:《跨越》 NO.C00193
Title:《太行炊烟组照》 NO.C00104
Title:《卖年货一家子》 NO.C00254
Title:《盛情难却》 NO.C00098
Title:《头饰》 NO.C00039
Title:《人在画中游》 NO.C00158
Title:《活着》 NO.C00103
Title:《Passion on a summer afternoon..》 NO.C00052
Title:《祖孙》 NO.C00245

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