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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《修行者的小木屋》 No.A01114
Title:《杂技少年大楷》 No.A00299
Title:《WHO'S FIRST》 No.A00451
Title:《Grey Beard》 No.A00290
Title:《九妹》 No.A00624
Title:《禅心》 No.A00911
Title:《喀什噶尔城爷孙》 No.A01049
Title:《大象家族》 No.A00888
Title:《Beautiful Landscape in Indonesia》 No.A00118
Title:《Hamer Woman》 No.A00801
Title:《the village》 No.A01067
Title:《《花花世界》》 No.A00271
Title:《高原女人》 No.A00731
Title:《Quiet tibetan village》 No.A00583
Title:《The Red Autumn》 No.A00480
Title:《萆地涂鸦》 No.A00548
Title:《眼神》 No.A00505
Title:《无相形 The Cross 》 No.A00845

Monochrome Section

Title:《《等待》 waiting》 No.B00672
Title:《Weaving》 No.B00349
Title:《Lonely》 No.B00504
Title:《《轨道上的过客》》 No.B00835
Title:《《勤·谷丰登》》 No.B00092
Title:《Harvest》 No.B00293
Title:《小心翼翼》 No.B00200
Title:《儿时记忆》 No.B00900
Title:《《水云间》》 No.B00228
Title:《迷失》 No.B00436
Title:《风雨少年 》 No.B00261
Title:《ANGRY LOOK》 No.B00337
Title:《展示》 No.B00630
Title:《爷爷的那些事》 No.B00240
Title:《HAPPINESS OF OLD AGE No 2 》 No.B00901
Title:《Wanna Be Man》 No.B00473
Title:《Observe》 No.B00120
Title:《太极魂》 No.B00687

Family of man

Title:《Ritual of taking blood 2》 NO.C00033
Title:《祖孙》 NO.C00245
Title:《Connect》 NO.C00233
Title:《Whispering notes of love》 NO.C00058
Title:《太行炊烟组照》 NO.C00104
Title:《铸剑》 NO.C00232
Title:《上妆》 NO.C00196
Title:《藏民人家》 NO.C00157
Title:《东北雪乡婚礼》 NO.C00165
Title:《水豆干家庭作坊》 NO.C00170
Title:《Survival》 NO.C00032
Title:《徽州人家》 NO.C00224
Title:《Man from Karo tribe》 NO.C00034
Title:《成长的路》 NO.C00099
Title:《《和谐》》 NO.C00238
Title:《《大专家来到小学校》》 NO.C00155
Title:《小天使》 NO.C00272
Title:《合照》 NO.C00080

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