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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《In Search》 No.A00753
Title:《《沙暴牧羊》》 No.A00273
Title:《入城式Into the city》 No.A00879
Title:《UNDER THE BRIDGE》 No.A00393
Title:《Butterfly》 No.A00743
Title:《Desert Roses》 No.A00206
Title:《晨曦》 No.A00720
Title:《Look Afar》 No.A00595
Title:《距离》 No.A00517
Title:《《茶馆人生》》 No.A00975
Title:《祈祷》 No.A01091
Title:《Tears》 No.A00033
Title:《竹乡晨曲》 No.A00242
Title:《friends of cause》 No.A00028
Title:《Gotong Royong》 No.A00171
Title:《驰骋》 No.A00897
Title:《火龙闹元宵》 No.A00833
Title:《《彝牧生活》》 No.A00895

Monochrome Section

Title:《祈愿》 No.B00170
Title:《爱》 No.B00960
Title:《《圆明园》》 No.B00227
Title:《The Mirroring View》 No.B00088
Title:《Alone》 No.B00129
Title:《《炯炯有神》》 No.B00818
Title:《The beauty of smile》 No.B00701
Title:《Kerstin_Arnemann_Affection》 No.B00003
Title:《驯马师》 No.B00760
Title:《藏地秘境》 No.B00236
Title:《Drama Life》 No.B00497
Title:《《部落之舞》》 No.B00825
Title:《风铃》 No.B00769
Title:《START》 No.B00259
Title:《古韵》 No.B00689
Title:《Fishing Alone》 No.B00445
Title:《回春妙手(组照6幅)》 No.B00541
Title:《walking alone》 No.B00707

Family of man

Title:《湄公河上的渔民孩子》 NO.C00141
Title:《People Over Lake》 NO.C00064
Title:《REPAIRMAN》 NO.C00223
Title:《归》 NO.C00252
Title:《No places》 NO.C00144
Title:《水上人家》 NO.C00208
Title:《呼唤》 NO.C00088
Title:《吃》 NO.C00267
Title:《戏迷一家》 NO.C00040
Title:《《老茶馆》》 NO.C00074
Title:《》 NO.C00026
Title:《最后的合影》 NO.C00109
Title:《爱的奉献》 NO.C00094
Title:《亲亲 honey》 NO.C00175
Title:《Home in Balkan》 NO.C00075
Title:《祈祷 pray》 NO.C00201
Title:《讲故事给妈妈听Tell the story to Mom》 NO.C00227
Title:《幸福时光》 NO.C00139

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