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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《Waiting in the Rain》 No.A00297
Title:《Lynda》 No.A00014
Title:《天堂鸟》 No.A00695
Title:《母亲》 No.A00694
Title:《阳光下》 No.A00293
Title:《Play Water》 No.A00327
Title:《Mentawai Spirit》 No.A00150
Title:《追赶》 No.A00864
Title:《一生的岗位》 No.A00726
Title:《舞韵》 No.A00949
Title:《Performance》 No.A00334
Title:《乘风破浪》 No.A00435
Title:《On fair》 No.A00388
Title:《旅伴》 No.A00906
Title:《Swedish woman》 No.A00225
Title:《中国符号》 No.A00221
Title:《Wildflowers 504a》 No.A00156
Title:《荷花、翠鸟、蜜蜂-Lotus- kingfisher-Bee》 No.A00948

Monochrome Section

Title:《《水上乐居》》 No.B00793
Title:《》 No.B00079
Title:《恬静》 No.B00548
Title:《出海的叮咛 - before sailing off》 No.B00850
Title:《配合-中国成都》 No.B00851
Title:《战火中的眼神》 No.B00537
Title:《小部队》 No.B00592
Title:《劳动者Worker》 No.B00155
Title:《My House》 No.B00310
Title:《瞭望》 No.B00847
Title:《收粮路上》 No.B00725
Title:《Les petits pas》 No.B00078
Title:《White》 No.B00636
Title:《In Snow》 No.B00516
Title:《自由驰骋-Freedom》 No.B00297
Title:《人》 No.B00956
Title:《Lake boat 3》 No.B00381
Title:《《拆船厂童工的烦恼》》 No.B00603

Family of man

Title:《三代人的思考》 NO.C00163
Title:《欢乐一家》 NO.C00239
Title:《家园- homes》 NO.C00229
Title:《《古村同乐》》 NO.C00182
Title:《麻风病康复村的火把节》 NO.C00259
Title:《青春万岁》 NO.C00249
Title:《爱的今宵》 NO.C00134
Title:《父母情》 NO.C00263
Title:《添丁之喜 The joy of childbirth》 NO.C00181
Title:《山区的儿童》 NO.C00242
Title:《NAPOLI》 NO.C00198
Title:《高山上的苗族人》 NO.C00173
Title:《Survival》 NO.C00032
Title:《Ritual of taking blood 2》 NO.C00033
Title:《悄悄话-Whisper》 NO.C00204
Title:《Connect》 NO.C00233
Title:《Home in Balkan》 NO.C00075
Title:《徽州人家》 NO.C00224

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