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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《雾起西湖轻舟曳》 No.A00700
Title:《街边》 No.A00896
Title:《记忆中的老武汉》 No.A00189
Title:《Hat with Beads》 No.A00289
Title:《The Great Migration of Wildebeest 2》 No.A00192
Title:《Tree in the Light》 No.A00603
Title:《Performance》 No.A00334
Title:《前金村三百六十行》 No.A00457
Title:《4G时代》 No.A00610
Title:《闭眼》 No.A00521
Title:《Paint of Life》 No.A00131
Title:《Two Women in Motion》 No.A00067
Title:《又到新年》 No.A00608
Title:《精灵》 No.A00981
Title:《金秋时节》 No.A00490
Title:《温馨》 No.A00619
Title:《pagoda Soccer》 No.A00428
Title:《《纯真》》 No.A00942

Monochrome Section

Title:《工场 workshop》 No.B00702
Title:《亚青少年》 No.B00943
Title:《待发》 No.B00608
Title:《恒河边》 No.B00172
Title:《魅影》 No.B00589
Title:《Love》 No.B00032
Title:《剪影》 No.B00867
Title:《rest》 No.B00291
Title:《ALONE No 3》 No.B00897
Title:《收网之后》 No.B00940
Title:《Elias》 No.B00471
Title:《Angriff》 No.B00280
Title:《《老人的竹器店》》 No.B00822
Title:《Outgoing》 No.B00487
Title:《mono photo》 No.B00275
Title:《启航》 No.B00751
Title:《Hobbit hole》 No.B00528
Title:《中国版图最西南佤族村老人》 No.B00734

Family of man

Title:《其乐融融》 NO.C00264
Title:《笑逐颜开》 NO.C00258
Title:《母子情》 NO.C00211
Title:《No places》 NO.C00144
Title:《运河肖像》 NO.C00084
Title:《《山村节日》》 NO.C00027
Title:《《人在旅途》》 NO.C00112
Title:《老有所乐》 NO.C00156
Title:《On the run.》 NO.C00044
Title:《小镇粮店》 NO.C00257
Title:《相濡以沫-Mutual help》 NO.C00185
Title:《幸福家庭》 NO.C00268
Title:《Moinul Alam》 NO.C00276
Title:《拜神》 NO.C00202
Title:《归》 NO.C00252
Title:《送戏到山区》 NO.C00240
Title:《爱》 NO.C00253
Title:《太行炊烟组照》 NO.C00104

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