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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《Smile》 No.A00375
Title:《各民族团结像石榴一样》 No.A01084
Title:《村里开了国学课》 No.A00618
Title:《峡谷通幽》 No.A00832
Title:《火龙勇士》 No.A01052
Title:《Groep kuifmakaken 2》 No.A00256
Title:《冰将群雕》 No.A00216
Title:《Interwoven》 No.A00749
Title:《缭绕》 No.A00187
Title:《多彩的梦》 No.A00858
Title:《晒衣服》 No.A00917
Title:《祈祷》 No.A00561
Title:《Camilla》 No.A00016
Title:《Elise. 》 No.A00715
Title:《Workplace》 No.A00231
Title:《Weave》 No.A00374
Title:《吃奶》 No.A00379
Title:《扎龙晨曲》 No.A00540

Monochrome Section

Title:《《老宅祭》2017》 No.B00191
Title:《构成》 No.B00550
Title:《Tea Drinker》 No.B00454
Title:《Breakout M1》 No.B00267
Title:《Fanny 238》 No.B00325
Title:《Frame of a disaster》 No.B00685
Title:《Weaving》 No.B00456
Title:《kuzu》 No.B00274
Title:《Chae》 No.B00110
Title:《》 No.B00079
Title:《闻香识味 Scent of a flavor》 No.B00442
Title:《雪夜执勤》 No.B00698
Title:《捕》 No.B00750
Title:《晒网》 No.B00732
Title:《父亲的怀抱 Father's embrace》 No.B00729
Title:《Lonely》 No.B00059
Title:《ubud morning》 No.B00100
Title:《聪明的猫》 No.B00460

Family of man

Title:《沉重的爱 》 NO.C00060
Title:《NAPOLI》 NO.C00198
Title:《头饰》 NO.C00039
Title:《好儿媳---熊国连》 NO.C00110
Title:《渴望》 NO.C00086
Title:《人在画中游》 NO.C00158
Title:《?iganc?》 NO.C00030
Title:《戏迷一家》 NO.C00040
Title:《洋娃娃-Doll》 NO.C00209
Title:《Mother and daughter》 NO.C00142
Title:《湄公河上的渔民孩子》 NO.C00141
Title:《年夜饭》 NO.C00091
Title:《听爷爷讲故事》 NO.C00097
Title:《《大专家来到小学校》》 NO.C00152
Title:《盼》 NO.C00087
Title:《风采》 NO.C00136
Title:《葫芦丝声声唤真情》 NO.C00067

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