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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《马赛马拉晨曲》 No.A00547
Title:《街边》 No.A00896
Title:《Performance》 No.A00600
Title:《Dancer C5》 No.A00318
Title:《Dream》 No.A00369
Title:《成人礼 ADULT CEREMONY》 No.A00852
Title:《Hopper》 No.A00774
Title:《晨作》 No.A00551
Title:《天堂鸟》 No.A00695
Title:《家园》 No.A00913
Title:《和谐》 No.A01000
Title:《手工收割的苇客》 No.A00915
Title:《雨中香客》 No.A00916
Title:《停歇》 No.A00691
Title:《满园春色》 No.A01007
Title:《Old and New My Motorcycle》 No.A00142
Title:《入城式Into the city》 No.A00879
Title:《Choose》 No.A00370

Monochrome Section

Title:《雪后》 No.B00839
Title:《schwebend sw》 No.B00285
Title:《眼神Eyes》 No.B00754
Title:《Hell, the sybil》 No.B00027
Title:《《草地精灵》》 No.B00666
Title:《山色空濛》 No.B00390
Title:《sanctus》 No.B00101
Title:《岁月》 No.B00705
Title:《人间仙境》 No.B00243
Title:《Baykus》 No.B00398
Title:《老来乐》 No.B00175
Title:《儿时记忆》 No.B00900
Title:《祈祷》 No.B00540
Title:《Amina in Tunnel》 No.B00044
Title:《《彝乡盛事》》 No.B00828
Title:《The beauty of smile》 No.B00701
Title:《Ice Cream Stick Maker》 No.B00082
Title:《Showing off Sample》 No.B00049

Family of man

Title:《No places》 NO.C00144
Title:《晨练》 NO.C00172
Title:《》 NO.C00026
Title:《欢乐一家》 NO.C00239
Title:《《和谐》》 NO.C00238
Title:《《大专家来到小学校》》 NO.C00155
Title:《蒙古老人和他的两个鹤儿子》 NO.C00096
Title:《修行》 NO.C00199
Title:《化妆》 NO.C00265
Title:《沐浴少女》 NO.C00251
Title:《世界和平》 NO.C00037
Title:《甜蜜的爱情》 NO.C00207
Title:《盼》 NO.C00087
Title:《On the run.》 NO.C00044
Title:《五月龙潮》 NO.C00212
Title:《《人在旅途》》 NO.C00112
Title:《藏民人家》 NO.C00157

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