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Qiu Hong(Adviser for participation )
Tel:18515556882   QQ:312094770

Wang Xueke( Adviser for event):
Tel:086-578-2112913 QQ: 76751402

Color Section

Title:《Rime》 No.A00733
Title:《生态家园》 No.A00815
Title:《Gost Reflection》 No.A00301
Title:《远望》 No.A00202
Title:《停歇》 No.A00691
Title:《跳火堆》 No.A01042
Title:《希望》 No.A01080
Title:《萆地涂鸦》 No.A00548
Title:《Sunday Morning, Cefalu》 No.A00611
Title:《金光洒山峦》 No.A00857
Title:《市井生活》 No.A01002
Title:《渔民》 No.A01138
Title:《一起跑》 No.A00503
Title:《《生存印记》》 No.A00270
Title:《通途》 No.A01120
Title:《光线》 No.A00261
Title:《《老鹰捉小鸡》》 No.A00974
Title:《在路上》 No.A00542

Monochrome Section

Title:《虔诚》 No.B00726
Title:《《岁月》》 No.B00679
Title:《大漠魂》 No.B00916
Title:《亚青少年》 No.B00942
Title:《幸福路上》 No.B00865
Title:《Passion》 No.B00031
Title:《《摩梭人》》 No.B00977
Title:《恒河边》 No.B00172
Title:《Amina in Tunnel》 No.B00044
Title:《Miner》 No.B00515
Title:《节日》 No.B00925
Title:《Forward》 No.B00366
Title:《Le panier de fleurs》 No.B00080
Title:《瓯江帆影-Sailing on Ou River》 No.B00797
Title:《希腊厨师》 No.B00946
Title:《单眼海娃》 No.B00864
Title:《《圆明园》》 No.B00227
Title:《Old Town Times》 No.B00491

Family of man

Title:《ON THE MOVE-1》 NO.C00019
Title:《古城老人》 NO.C00194
Title:《低碳出行 享受生活》 NO.C00262
Title:《FATHERS LOVE》 NO.C00220
Title:《彝族人家Yi Family》 NO.C00159
Title:《迎亲逗酒》 NO.C00065
Title:《《交流》》 NO.C00114
Title:《抢财神》 NO.C00166
Title:《藏南村头》 NO.C00256
Title:《火龙闹春》 NO.C00164
Title:《笑容》 NO.C00082
Title:《东北雪乡婚礼》 NO.C00165
Title:《假日》 NO.C00059
Title:《沐浴少女》 NO.C00251
Title:《老树新苗-Old tree and young saplings》 NO.C00205
Title:《Brother and sister》 NO.C00043
Title:《合作精神》 NO.C00079
Title:《Resting》 NO.C00077

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